All About Tower Bridge

tower-bridge-is-one-of-the-most-famous-landmarks-in-the-whole-of-londonTower Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in the whole of London, and this mighty bridge spans the River Thames. The bridge is located conveniently close to a whole host of interesting attractions and amenities, including an excellent selection of Tower Bridge hotels. What follows is information on the history and guide to Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge is named after the Tower of London, which is situated close to the bridge. It is one of the most visited bridges in the whole world and was originally opened to the public back in 1894. At this time, The River Thames was a main trade thoroughfare, and a large number of boats and ships sailed along the River Thames on a daily basis. The design of Tower Bridge was rather tricky, as it was essential to build a bridge that was high enough to allow boats and ships to sale beneath it without being so high that the structure of the bridge was unstable. This problem was solved by creating a bascule bridge, where the twin bascules in the center of the bridge could be raised whenever a particularly tall ship had to pass beneath it.

Visitors flock to Tower Bridge every day to enjoy stunning views along the River Thames and to take in the Tower of London and other nearby attractions. Access to Tower Bridge is offered from the North Tower. From here, visitors can cross the bridge on an enclosed walkway and descend to the other side of the river via the South Tower. Visitors who are interested in architecture will be able to admire the machinery of Tower Bridge at the Tower Bridge Experience, which is open daily.

While the original design of Tower Bridge has remained unchanged over the years, the landmark has been modified and modernized slightly over the years. The bridge was originally painted a sea green color, although the color scheme was changed in 1977 to mark Queen Elizabeth’s II’s silver jubilee.