About Us and Open Empty Spaces

This site is dedicated to Open Empty Spaces, which is a special market initiative that has been established in the East End of London. This is one of the most vibrant sections of the city and an area that also boasts a strong sense of community. Many of the people who live in the East End of London work as market traders, and as a result, a number of different types of markets can be found here on any day of the week and virtually at any time of the day or night.

The majority of the stalls at the market can be found stretched along Ridley Road. Taking a stroll along this road is a vibrant experience that should not be missed. Visitors will find that the stalls here are packed with all types of goods imaginable including fresh local produce, arts, crafts and much, much more. There are plenty of bargains just waiting to be scooped up by those who have a keen eye and can turn on the charm.

Anyone who is planning to take a trip to explore the market in the East End of London should also allow plenty of time to explore some of the other things that this enchanting capital city has to offer. This site also features a number of articles on things to see and do in London to help visitors to the site plan their trip to London so that they get the most out of the experience and can enjoy it to the full.